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Homemade Greek Yogurt


Do you ever find yourself looking for a mid-afternoon snack? The answer is probably yes. The good news is, you can eat yogurt multiple times a day! Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium.

Making yogurt is easy! There are only a few steps and all you need is a starter yogurt (your favorite yogurt from the grocery store), milk of your choice and the Dash yogurt maker!


  • 5 cups of milk (Fat free, 1%, 2% or full fat)
  • 1/2 cup of starter yogurt
  • Topping of your choice. (optional) Mango or honey are my favorite toppings!


Take the starter yogurt out of the refrigerator so it reaches room temperature.

Pour milk into a sauce pan large enough to hold 5 cups of milk. Bring milk to 180 degrees or just before the milk boils. (Little bubbles will form around the pan. That's when you know to take the milk off the heat.) When the pan is off the heat skim the skin off of the milk.

Pour milk into a separate container and let cool to around 100 degrees.

Now, start your Dash yogurt maker so it has time to pre-heat.

When the milk reaches around 100 degrees pour in starter yogurt. Then whisk.

Fill the jars so the mixture is right below the threads.

Set your yogurt maker timer to 11 hours. (The longer you cook your yogurt the more tart it gets.)

After your done cooking. Strain the yogurt with either a fine mesh colander or cheese clothe.

Makes 7 servings.

First Things First

What you'll need first to start making yogurt.

Making it Greek

It's simple. Just strain the yogurt you just made.


Chef tips!

The process of straining the whey off is what makes greek yogurt. If you want regular yogurt, do not strain the yogurt. Simple!